Design Consultancy based on the principles of Egyptian BioGeometry, Indian Vastu Shastra & Chinese Feng Shui to create Natural Harmonizing Balancing Forces for Enhanced Wellbeing


Healthy Architecture


Interior Spaces

We provide architectural design solutions for residential and commercial projects, providing healthy living spaces which automatically transmit naturally beneficial subtle energy to you, your family and your customers.


Authentic Land Survey


Ideal Masterplanning

We detect and map out naturally occurring electromagnetic grid lines and other geopathic stress zones to recommend the most beneficial locations for buildings, rooms (bedrooms, spas, restaurants …), roads and more.


Best Sleep, Focused Work

& Safe Play

Make sure you and your family spend the days and nights in geopathic stress-free zones to avoid chronic or serious illness.


Powerful Art, Design

& Furniture

Enhance your well-being and the harmony of your living and working space with custom designed wall art, sculptures and furniture.


Energy Balancing with BioGeometry
BioGeometry® Energy Balancing Nature’s Own Design Language: The science of using the energy principles of shape to qualitatively balance biological energy systems & harmonize their interactions with the environment.
Earth Currents
Earth Currents: The Cause of Geopathic Illness A short analysis by Roy Vincent.
Geopathic Stress by Rold Gordon
Sick Building Syndrome Geopathic Stress is the common factor in most cases of physical and mental illnesses. This was proved to the German medical profession over 80 years ago and in million of cases ever since.
Are you sleeping in a cancer zone?
Are you sleeping in a safe place? We sleep for about eight hours in the same spot, or sit at work for eight hours in the same spot, and if that is what is called a geopathically stressed zone, some problem will eventually arise because of that.
The Science of BioGeometry
The Science of BioGeometry A brief overview by Jerry Gin, Ph.D.
Swiss Harmony Energy Balancing Solutions
Swiss Harmony If you sleep over a source of geopathic stress, more often than not, you will feel exhausted in the morning and may experience back or neck pain. The effects, of phenomena such as geopathic stresses, are subtle and not everyone notices them readily.
SafeSpace EMF Solutions
SafeSpace Protection A growing chorus of doctors and researchers warns that electromagnetic fields from many of the hallmarks of modern life have been linked to a wide variety of health risks ranging from sleeplessness to cancer.
Documentary Electromagnetic Radiation
Geopathic Stress Documentary This documentary looks at the effect of geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation on our health. For the first time ever, a link is established between them. This ground-breaking documentary is a wake-up call for the modern medical and scientific establishments.
Miguel Kirjon - Dowser in Phuket, Thailand, Asia


Born to German-Finnish parents in Colombia and raised in Central America, Miguel combines his artistic talents and all-sensory intuition with decades of experience as a designer and entrepreneur to bring vitality and innovation to all his design projects.
Miguel earned his Master Degree of Graphic Design at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland, and served as Art Director at Giger & Partner Design Agency in Zurich. He has applied his creative skills to launch a number of distinctive ventures including restaurants, children’s books and lifestyle magazines. As an independent design consultant and marketing adviser for the Twinpalms Group for 11 years, Miguel has helped to build the Twinpalms brand into one of the most stylish and inventive hospitality businesses in Asia.
Dedicated to a lifelong pursuit to develop his skills in a holistic way, Miguel has completed the following study and training programmes:
* Extrasensory Realm of Reality, mentored by bestselling German author and healer Harald Wessbecher
* Pyramid Technology under the guidance of scientist Dr. Fred Bell (a descendant of Alexander Graham Bell) in California
* Taoist Inner Alchemy with Master Hu Xuezhi on Wudang mountain in China
* Meditation practices with Brazilian Medium Thomaz Green Morton in Brazil
* Advanced level BioGeometry®, the Egyptian science of using the energy principles of shape, with Dr. Robert Gilbert
* Feng Shui training, the Chinese art of creating harmonious surroundings, under the direction of Master Larry Sang of the American Feng Shui Institute
* Vastu Shastra training, the Indian science of architecture, working with Michael Borden of Vastu-Design.
Miguel moved to Phuket, Thailand, more than 20 years ago, where he still resides with his partner and three children. Miguel also offers Natural Healthy Architecture Design Services, an investment opportunity with the planned Amayen Sanctuary Nature Retreat and in addition he publishes Bikinis & Martinis Phuket Magazine.