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We detect and map out naturally occurring electromagnetic grid lines and other geopathic stress zones to recommend the most beneficial locations for buildings, rooms (bedrooms, spas, restaurants …), roads and more.


Back in the day when primitive man speared an animal he observed that the wounded creature would try to make its way toward a specific area with vegetation and natural springs, often making a full recovery.

Humans began to take their sick to such places of healing energy, which then became sacred to them, and these power spots were marked with large stones. Some of these ancient structures can be seen to this day at Carnac in France and Stonehenge in England.

As a focal point of town planning in primitive settlements, the concept of the power spot became the center for community activities. Such spots were known as “Ley Lines” (Dragon Currents in China or Dream Paths amongst the Australian Aborigines).

Subsequently, town planning became influenced by the harmonization of energy. Once the initial layout of the town had been established, the next stage of the planning process involved following the earth’s subtle energy grid. In addition to many European towns of Roman origin, the cities of Paris, Rome, and Washington provide excellent examples of such energy distribution.

The energy grid lines of the earth represent the geophysical phenomenon of a force field covering its entirety at regular intervals. Consequently, certain spots on the grid lines can either be beneficial or harmful to people living on them.

The earth’s harmonizing energy lines have long been used as a detailed modular building system. If walls are positioned on the grid line and columns on the grid line crossings, a building becomes infused with subtle energy to enhance the well-being and prosperity of its inhabitants, as well as helping to preserve the building itself.

Earth Energy related locations of Churches in Zurich by Dr. Ibrahim Karim
Ancient Powerspot Stonehenge
Historic Grid Alignments in Avanche, Switzerland by Dr. Ibrahim Karim

1) Earth Energy related locations of Churches in Zurich; 2) Stonehenge, UK; 3) Land Survey in 1749

Gridline mapping by GeoDesign Asia

Gridline mapping of a land plot in Phuket by GeoDesign Asia


GeoDesign Asia determines the geopathic stress existing on land plots (mainly Benker grids; wide powerful grids of magnetic energy from the earth as wide as 2.5m and running north-south and east-west approximately every 10 meters). In addition to the previously mentioned benefits of harmonizing energy distribution, by sleeping or working on a strong line, these grid lines can also drain the immune system causing disturbances in the body such as headaches or something more serious. Hence, the choice of location for bedrooms, offices, children’s play areas, and any other places where people spend an extended period of time is of paramount importance.

Using vibrational dowsing these grid lines are marked on an aerial photo of the land plot (taken by drone or recent Google image). This provides the client with a template for laying out the masterplan. The main critical grid lines will be marked by us onsite at the start of construction.

“In 2003, Druids were recruited by Austrian motorway authorities as a last resort to address a notorious accident spot on the autobahn. As a result of their success in reducing the number of fatalities from an average of six per year to zero at the site, they have since been employed to address other black spots across the country.” (Leidig, 2003).


GeoDesign Asia provides consulting services for masterplan designs using the following ancient teachings:

1. Egyptian BioGeometry®: the science of using the energy principles of shape to qualitatively balance biological energy systems and harmonize their interactions with the environment.
2. Indian Vastu Shastra: the tradition of space design to promote harmony with natural forces.
3. Chinese Feng Shui: the art of creating harmonious surroundings.

BioGeometry® tools
Feng Shui tips for bedroom

1) BioGeometry® tools; 2) Feng Shui bed placements




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